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Gnome 3 has been released!

Today, Gnome 3 has been released. The Gnome 3.0 release notes contain lots of information, and a Dutch translation of the Gnome 3.0 release notes (translated by yours truly) is also available.

I am Gnome

Check out the Gnome 3 website and the regular Gnome website for more information about this exciting new release!

Gnome loves passwords

By default, password entries in GTK+ applications show a black circle when you type a character. Boring! With just a few days to go before Guadec starts, this is the time to show that you love Gnome. And you know what? You can make Gnome love you too in return!

Put this snippet in the file ~/.gtkrc-2.0 (create it if it does not exist):

style "entry"
  GtkEntry::invisible_char = 0x2665
class "GtkEntry" style "entry"

From now on, all password entries will show a black heart (♥♥♥) for each character you type instead of a black circle. Yes, Gnome loves you!

Other characters are of course also possible. Use the Gnome Character Map application to find a Unicode symbol to your liking, and put the hexadecimal number for that character in the gtkrc snippet shown above.

See you all at Guadec next week!

Guadec 2010 Registration Opens for Participants

The Guadec 2010 participant registration has officially opened! Read the press release on the Guadec site.

Guadec logo

Preparing the Guadec 2010 schedule

Today, a team of local Gnome and Guadec people gathered at Revelation Space to discuss several topics, including the talk schedule.

Guadec schedule preparations

We used card sorting techniques to group together related talks, and used sticky notes to spread the various topics over the three core days. The outcome is a preliminary schedule, but it needs some checking up and additional care before it can be published. Stay tuned!

Guadec schedule preparations

And yes, this is a very serious matter yet a very informal meeting, so the suits were totally appropriate.

New coordinator for the Dutch Gnome translation team

The (now former) coordinator of the Dutch translation team, Vincent van Adrighem, has been active for more than 9 years now, and despite the small size of the Gnome-NL team, has done a marvellous job getting the Dutch translations into a good shape. However, after so many years, in all his wisdom, he has decided to step aside… which means:

Le coordinateur est mort — vive le coordinateur!

Taking effect immediately, yours truly has taken over the coordination role for the Dutch translation team. This means Vincent is a mere mortal again after being demoted to the ‘translator’ role. My proposal to take over the coordinator role and Vincent’s positive reply (both in Dutch) can be found in the Gnome-NL mailing list archives.

This change is made formal by my announcement and Vincent’s acknowledgement (both in English) on the general Gnome internationalisation (gnome-i18n) mailing list.

Many thanks to Vincent for his great work over the years!

Guadec 2010 Call for Volunteers

GUADEC (pronounced GWAH-DECK) is an acronym for the GNOME Users’ And Developers’ European Conference. Held annually in cities around Europe, GUADEC is the largest gettogether of GNOME users, developers, foundation leaders, individuals, governments and businesses in the world. Gnome is the Free and open source software stack that drives the user interface of many Linux-based devices, from smartphones to your home pc.

GUADEC 2010, the eleventh edition, will be in The Hague, The Netherlands and takes place on July 24 – July 30.

Guadec The Hague

The organisation team calls you to arms! A community conference like GUADEC only happens when the community puts its weight behind it.

This is your chance to be part of this event. Whether you are a conference rookie or a seasoned GUADEC veteran, your help is much appreciated.

As a volunteer at the conference, you may enjoy special benefits such as a free and limited edition volunteer shirt and free food and drinks during your volunteering hours.

Read more on the Gnome wiki…


Many similar posts are appearing on Planet Gnome. Philip, Jürg, Ryan and others are not afraid of people writing code. But people writing code are scary since they are geeks who do magic things with computers! So…

I am afraid of people writing code

(Wrt. the Mono discussion this seems to be about: I agree with the other Gnome people who think Mono is not a problem by definition, as some people seem to think.)

Bashing Bazaar again?

Dear Lennart,

It’s not my intention to start another flame war, but your blog post about bzr clearly shows that your real intention was not to obtain source code, but to bash bzr. I’ll explain why.

Simply visiting the the url with your web browser gives a 404 Not Found error message. That’s quite clear, so it’s not very likely there will be a branch there, right?

Spending a complete flame on your experiments with many different Bazaar commands, while the instruction page you linked to exactly tells you how to proceed, is not justified in my opinion. Especially not if you’re looking for help, and the very top of the bzr man page contains this:

       bzr command [ command_options ]
       bzr help
       bzr help command

Yes, there’s help in there. And you also mention that in your own blog post, so there is no point in complaining about man pages, or trying the totally non-obvious man bzr-get and concluding that there is no help at all.

So, given that the url is dead (well, not found to be precise), how would you proceed from here? You’re tech-savvy, and you know how file systems work, and you probably know how the web works. So you could’ve tried visiting the parent url by cutting off the trailing part of the address. You would’ve ended up on, whichs contains a link to the right address that happens to work flawlessly:

$ bzr branch
Branched 1046 revision(s).

The way you’ve written your blog post is highly insinuating and not helpful to anybody at all. You’ve written many very good blog posts in the past, so please keep it like that and refrain from spreading uninformed nonsense in the future. Thank you.

No love (well, not until you fix libsndfile…),

— Wouter

P.S. I’ll leave it to you to make the author of the instruction page aware of the incorrect url. You’re a good net citizen after all, aren’t you?

P.P.S. The in mano in your web page title should be in manu, since that is how manus is inflected in Latin.

Birthday cake

I’ve had many birthdays before, but this year’s Gnome cake is awesome. Too bad it’s only a picture. Thanks anyway, Daniel!

Launchpad for Gnome?

Perhaps this is a crazy idea, but wouldn’t it be great if Gnome would set up its own Launchpad instance in the future?

The Gnome Bugzilla installation is outdated and hard to maintain since it’s an old Bugzilla version that is hard to upgrade (at least that’s what I understand from Olav). I think Launchpad can be made to do everything Gnome needs (if it doesn’t already).

Launchpad is also very useful to share source code, of course all well-integrated with the bug handling, i.e. “Hi, here is my branch that fixes bug xyz, please merge it.” It integrates well with Bazaar (which I personally really like), but Git support (for those who care—quite a lot it seems) can be added as well of course (e.g. if Gnome decides to migrate towards Git).

Given that Launchpad will finally be open source Real Soon now, and given that Gnome has recently been discussing its future development infrastructure, wouldn’t this be a great opportunity to integrate the best of both worlds and make everyone happy? I think it would be awesome.

Disclaimer: this post is just a thought I had recently, and specifically not meant to start flame wars or conspiracy theories, nor is it an invitation to question my mental health. Please note that I don’t have anything to do with Canonical, and that I don’t use Ubuntu either.

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