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Gnome loves passwords

By default, password entries in GTK+ applications show a black circle when you type a character. Boring! With just a few days to go before Guadec starts, this is the time to show that you love Gnome. And you know what? You can make Gnome love you too in return!

Put this snippet in the file ~/.gtkrc-2.0 (create it if it does not exist):

style "entry"
  GtkEntry::invisible_char = 0x2665
class "GtkEntry" style "entry"

From now on, all password entries will show a black heart (♥♥♥) for each character you type instead of a black circle. Yes, Gnome loves you!

Other characters are of course also possible. Use the Gnome Character Map application to find a Unicode symbol to your liking, and put the hexadecimal number for that character in the gtkrc snippet shown above.

See you all at Guadec next week!