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New coordinator for the Dutch Gnome translation team

The (now former) coordinator of the Dutch translation team, Vincent van Adrighem, has been active for more than 9 years now, and despite the small size of the Gnome-NL team, has done a marvellous job getting the Dutch translations into a good shape. However, after so many years, in all his wisdom, he has decided to step aside… which means:

Le coordinateur est mort — vive le coordinateur!

Taking effect immediately, yours truly has taken over the coordination role for the Dutch translation team. This means Vincent is a mere mortal again after being demoted to the ‘translator’ role. My proposal to take over the coordinator role and Vincent’s positive reply (both in Dutch) can be found in the Gnome-NL mailing list archives.

This change is made formal by my announcement and Vincent’s acknowledgement (both in English) on the general Gnome internationalisation (gnome-i18n) mailing list.

Many thanks to Vincent for his great work over the years!