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Ssscrape released as open-source software

I’m pleased to see that the people at the ILPS group of the University of Amsterdam have released a project I have been working on in the past under an open source license (LGPL).

Ssscrape is a system for collecting and processing dynamic web data. Ssscrape stands for Syndicated and Semi-Structured Content Retrieval and Processing Environment, and provides a framework for crawling and processing dynamic web data such as RSS/Atom feeds. Ssscrape is mostly implemented in Python and MySQL, but it should be noted that processing tasks can be implemented in any programming language, since Ssscrape simply invokes external executables. More information about Ssscrape can be found at the Ssscrape website.

I am no longer involved in the project, and from a quick glance I see that many things have changed since I last touched the code about one and a half years ago… really nice to see that the project is still alive.

Oh, and yes, I actually invented the bizarre acronym. I still think it’s a really cool and appropriate name.