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Bashing Bazaar again?

Dear Lennart,

It’s not my intention to start another flame war, but your blog post about bzr clearly shows that your real intention was not to obtain source code, but to bash bzr. I’ll explain why.

Simply visiting the the url with your web browser gives a 404 Not Found error message. That’s quite clear, so it’s not very likely there will be a branch there, right?

Spending a complete flame on your experiments with many different Bazaar commands, while the instruction page you linked to exactly tells you how to proceed, is not justified in my opinion. Especially not if you’re looking for help, and the very top of the bzr man page contains this:

       bzr command [ command_options ]
       bzr help
       bzr help command

Yes, there’s help in there. And you also mention that in your own blog post, so there is no point in complaining about man pages, or trying the totally non-obvious man bzr-get and concluding that there is no help at all.

So, given that the url is dead (well, not found to be precise), how would you proceed from here? You’re tech-savvy, and you know how file systems work, and you probably know how the web works. So you could’ve tried visiting the parent url by cutting off the trailing part of the address. You would’ve ended up on, whichs contains a link to the right address that happens to work flawlessly:

$ bzr branch
Branched 1046 revision(s).

The way you’ve written your blog post is highly insinuating and not helpful to anybody at all. You’ve written many very good blog posts in the past, so please keep it like that and refrain from spreading uninformed nonsense in the future. Thank you.

No love (well, not until you fix libsndfile…),

— Wouter

P.S. I’ll leave it to you to make the author of the instruction page aware of the incorrect url. You’re a good net citizen after all, aren’t you?

P.P.S. The in mano in your web page title should be in manu, since that is how manus is inflected in Latin.