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My laptop will not explode

IBM/Lenovo laptops are also suffering from faulty batteries made by Sony (other laptop vendors also have this problem). Luckily, my Thinkpad is not affected.

If you own a Thinkpad, check if your battery should be replaced.

My laptop battery is safe

Quick color selection

Some time ago, I wrote a simple script to easily pick a font. I’ve adapted that script to be usable as a simple color picker.

The color name is copied to the clipboard and printed to stdout by default. Command line switches are provided to disable copying or printing.

Select color

Save the file into a directory that is in your $PATH and chmod +x it to use it. Of course you should have PyGTK installed, but this is the default on most distributions.

Download: gtk-select-color (Python script)

Two point sixteen

Two Point Sixteen

The Dutch Desktop

The Gnome 2.16 desktop is completely translated into Dutch. All strings are translated, which means the entire desktop will appear in Dutch!


Thanks to Reinout van Schouwen, Vincent van Adrighem (our coordinator) and Tino Meinen (my personal hero), and of course… me.