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Sabayon menu location

Why exactly is Sabayon (the user profile editor for Gnome) in the main menu in the “Other” category, while all other related software (such as Pessulus, our lockdown editor) is in the “Computer”, “Administration” menu?

Sabayon root password dialog

After all, I need a root password to start the thing and it is not exactly what you call “user software for everyday use”...

I’ve attached a patch to bug 331615 to fix this issue. Could it please be included before Gnome 2.16 ships? Thanks.

Update: RESOLVED FIXED. Patch committed, bug fixed, Gnome rocks.

Password hell, part II

It works: single sign-on in GDM with both ssh keys and Gnome keyring! See below for more information.

This is an update on my previous article about the password hell.

Several people have pointed me at pam-keyring. I’ve built and installed this package and included the necessary lines in /etc/pam.d/gdm, but it doesn’t seem to do anything on login (no keyring environment variables are set, no output in log files). On logout, these lines are logged to /var/log/auth.log:

pam_keyring: received order to close session
pam_keyring: could not retrieve gnome-keyring-deamon PID

I’ve done an initial Debian package of pam-keyring. I’m not familiar with Debian packaging (I’m just a happy user) so I’m not planning to maintain or support it. Please contact me if you want my debian/ directory which builds and installs the package correctly.

If anyone can be of some help, that would be greatly appreciated.

Btw, it seems the NetworkManager guys are also aware of the problem. They seem to take a different approach, though (system-wide configuration): Bug 331529 has more information.

Update: If I change an if statement in the code to if(1) it seems to work, but only when using “su – uws” (this uses /etc/pam.d/su). GDM and ssh logins (/etc/pam.d/gdm or /etc/pam.d/ssh, respectively) still don’t work…

Update 2: I’ve fiddled somewhat with my pam files and now it works (after a GDM restart). I’ve put the pam-gnome-keyring inclusions in the pam files before the pam-ssh inclusions and I tried some other stuff as well (such as rm -rf /tmp/keyring*), but I don’t remember exactly what I did…

Update 3: One of the Debian NetworkManager maintainers asked for the debian/ directory of my initial package. I hope apt-get install libpam-gnome-keyring will be working soon…

Password hell: gdm, ssh and gnome-keyring

When I log into my laptop machine by entering my username and password into GDM, After logging in, I often find myself opening two of my SSH keys: